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Be Your Own Robot: The Automated Cleaning Schedule

I love coming home to a clean house. Proceeding directly to the couch for some marathon Law and Order: SVU action makes me feel less guilty when there is no pile of unfolded laundry staring at me expectantly. My afternoon … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan And Menu Planning Tips

Meal plans help organize my week, and because when I know exactly what I’m going to make for dinner I’m less likely to order take-out or go out to eat. Meal planning and grocery shopping are the most stressful parts … Continue reading

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Easy Cheap Dinner: Black Bean Taquitos

I originally wrote a draft of this post while stuck at the Department of Motor Vehicles. There was a lot of rage and anger, and frankly, these taquitos deserve better than that. My husband and I had them for dinner … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

1. Music Because of my magical Roku box, I can stream Pandora directly to my TV. One of my favorite stations for cleaning is the Peaches station, because apparently slutty, raunchy music makes me want to clean. I think I’m … Continue reading

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How To Make An Outdoor Table Out Of An Old Door

When we moved into our house, I discovered that the previous occupants had left an old door in the shed (along with a chum bucket, some dog toys, and an entire collection of broken ceramic frogs). It’s a nifty, weather-beaten … Continue reading

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