10 Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

1. Music

Because of my magical Roku box, I can stream Pandora directly to my TV. One of my favorite stations for cleaning is the Peaches station, because apparently slutty, raunchy music makes me want to clean. I think I’m probably redirecting my latent puritanical instincts.

2. Podcasts and Audiobooks

I’m not always in the mood for music when I clean, especially if I’m cleaning in the morning. Podcasts are a great alternative. I really enjoy listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and This American Life. Audiobooks are also great, especially humorous ones. I particularly like to listen to David Sedaris stories while I clean. The gentleman is hilarious, and his writing is even funnier when you hear him read it out loud.

3. Stay On Schedule

Cleaning is a lot less stressful and more fun when I’ve been keeping up with my cleaning schedule.

4. Use A Timer

If you have a lot to do and you feel overwhelmed, set a timer for fifteen minutes. Race against the clock and see how much you can get done. Doing the dishes sucks, but when you realize that you can wash, dry, and put away a sink full of dirty dishes in less than fifteen minutes, you will feel like a cleaning superhero.

5. Wear Cleaning Attire

I have a pair of cleaning earrings that get me in the mood to scrub. I’m also working on an apron project that I am pretty excited about. Wearing a specific item when you clean can help you get into the right mindset.

6. Watch Hoarders/How Clean Is Your House/Wife Swap

I’m a huge, huge Wife Swap fan, and I predict several posts in the future to be entirely dedicated to this masterpiece of American popular culture. Nothing makes me want to clean more than when they feature a sloppy, lazy family.

7. Robots!

I love cleaning with my Roomba, even if he can be a little loud. When my husband isn’t at home to clean with me, it’s nice to have a little companion. My Roomba scurries around like a useful little cat.*

8. Use A Checklist

Whether you have a regular cleaning schedule or not, make yourself a cleaning to-do list every time you clean. I find it really satisfying to cross a task off my list.

9. Use Your Imagination

Pretending to be a secret princess captured and forced to do chores by an evil Stepmother/Queen/Witch/Henry VIII/whomever helped make chores less boring when I was nine and it still works now. Don’t judge me.

10. Herbal Stimulation

I’ve heard from, um, friends of friends who live in those damn permissive liberal countries, that a little herbal indulgence can make cleaning much more engrossing. So, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, or try one of my other techniques, and get to work (or just read more blogs. It happens).

*To be fair, my cat Commodore does chores too. (This is a FAMILY and we have RESPONSIBILITIES to each other, Mister Kitten!) He kills flies, spiders, and devil crickets for me on demand. He’s like a loyal little furry ninja. I’m thinking about getting him some catnip-filled throwing stars for his birthday.

He’s pretty much a ninja, but he still lacks thumbs.

About Robot Housekeeping

I'm much too manic to blog about only one topic. I write Robot Housekeeping so that I can share my love of all things vintage and domestic. Sometimes, I even leave the house.
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9 Responses to 10 Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

  1. Sometimes when I have to clean, I pretend that I’m Kate from Lost and The Others are forcing me to work (rock smashing, etc.)

  2. Do you take breaks in a bear cage?

  3. Luz Valdovinos says:

    I LOVE all of these suggestions. I have to start doing some of these. Since I’m in school, I procrastinate a lot and one of my favorite ways to procrastinate is by cleaning. I tell everyone that I can’t think clearly if the apartment’s a mess, when really I don’t care I just don’t want to do anymore reading. All of these suggestions would make cleaning super fun, though. I need some cleaning attire, I love your earrings!

  4. Whitney says:

    I could NEVER judge you for #9 “Using your imagination”. By far the best way to clean. For more Imagination-related blogs, see mine later today 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    Obviously you need to combine #1 and #7. DJ Roomba, TURN IT UUUUP!!!

  6. Elle says:

    Hoarders is my secret weapon! But my guy has been known to wear cleaning goggles and a cape.

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