Weekly Meal Plan

Nature might be trying to kill me, and I have no idea what I did to Nature, other than survive its terrible winter and maybe plant things in it. Yesterday, I found this fanged skull in my backyard:What is this dead thing. Today, I almost got squashed by a rather large branch that fell from a (mostly dead) tree in my front yard. I was doing yard work at the time, and I’m pretty sure this traumatic incident should excuse me from all yard work for the rest of the season, right? Anyway, I was saved by my cat-like reflexes, and later celebrated my continued existence with a trip to the grocery store.  Yay. There’s a potential for severe thunderstorms tonight, so we’ll see if nature takes another swipe at me. Might get tornadoed.

Spring So Far:


Asparagus On Sale

Not Winter


Tried to kill me with a branch

Elevated tornado threat level.

I’m still on the fence about you, Spring. We’ll see.

Here’s my meal plan for this week (if I make it through the night):

Monday: Spinach Quiché, Asparagus

Tuesday: Black Bean And Sweet Potato Empanadas, Green Bean Fries, Spanish Rice

Wednesday:  Spring Panzanella

Thursday: Chicken Caesar Pitas and Chips

Friday: Leftovers. Maybe some sort of fancy snack.

*Update: I’m pretty sure that’s a raccoon skull. I did ten minutes of research on Google, so I’m pretty much an expert on skulls now.


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I'm much too manic to blog about only one topic. I write Robot Housekeeping so that I can share my love of all things vintage and domestic. Sometimes, I even leave the house.
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6 Responses to Weekly Meal Plan

  1. Luz Valdovinos says:

    woah, did that carcass seriously just end up on your porch?

  2. Amanda says:

    How was the Spring Panzanella? I’m fixin’ to make it this week.

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