Hard Times Budget Tip: Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread

I discovered this budget tip as an impoverished undergraduate, desperate for cheap carbs in all forms. Jimmy John’s sells day old sandwich bread for 45 cents. So, you should probably go buy some and put it in your mouth where it belongs. Even though the bread isn’t fresh out of the oven, it’s still delicious. I’ve never gotten bread that tasted stale. I use Jimmy John’s bread to make garlic bread all the time, and it also makes excellent bread pudding.

45 cents for delicious bread. Who cares if it’s a day old? Just eat it, peasant. You aren’t Kate Middleton.

I like to pay for my day old bread in change because it makes me feel like I’m in the livin’ it up in the olden days, and that I could go buy half an acre and a brood of hens for a silver dollar if I wanted (and if I had a silver dollar). Paying in change also makes it easier for me to pretend I’m buying bread in my provincial French village.

And as my friend Whitney recently reminded me, pretending is awesome.

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I'm much too manic to blog about only one topic. I write Robot Housekeeping so that I can share my love of all things vintage and domestic. Sometimes, I even leave the house.
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3 Responses to Hard Times Budget Tip: Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread

  1. Luz Valdovinos says:

    Jimmy John’s day old bread is great! You can also put it in the oven on a very low setting and bake it and then use either a food processer or blender to make bread crumbs!

  2. That’s a great tip! I’ll have to try that soon. I like panko bread crumbs for frying, but this would be perfect for meatloaf and casseroles.

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