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Robot Housekeeping’s Vintage Shop Is Now Open!

Today is the grand opening of my etsy shop! Hurray! My goal is to sell affordable vintage clothing so that you can look good even during the hard times. Fashion for the proletariat! I’m such a subversive. Here are some … Continue reading

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I Need Directions To The Annual Electricpunk Convention

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How To Keep A Rug From Slipping With Velcro

We put a rug in our bathroom recently, and it kept slipping out of place. My husband came up with a brilliant way to keep the rug secure. He got a roll of velcro from the hardware store and used … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Dishes Really Clean With Lemishine (Try A Free Sample!)

I certainly consider my dishwasher a necessity, but dishwashers can be super frustrating when they don’t get your dishes really clean.* Recently, dishwasher detergent manufacturers removed phosphates from their products. This is good news for the environment, because phosphates indirectly … Continue reading

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Casper, The Vomity Graffito Ghost

I don’t know why this ghost is sick. Maybe it’s your face? Eww, ghost, you got sick all over yourself.

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