How To Get Your Dishes Really Clean With Lemishine (Try A Free Sample!)

I certainly consider my dishwasher a necessity, but dishwashers can be super frustrating when they don’t get your dishes really clean.*

Recently, dishwasher detergent manufacturers removed phosphates from their products. This is good news for the environment, because phosphates indirectly kill fish, but bad news for your dishes because phosphates were hella good at getting crap off your plates.

My husband and I noticed our dishes weren’t getting as clean as they used to. In fact, they really weren’t getting clean at all. Our glasses were all streaky, and our dishwasher was even getting a tad stinky. Super gross. I heard that Lemishine would clean out my dishwasher and help my dishes get cleaner. Lemishine is supposed to remove hard water deposits, and it’s apparently environmentally friendly.

I’m not sure how it works, and I’m pretty sure we don’t actually have hard water, but when I use Lemishine, my dishes get clean. Cartoon clean. They sparkle like a lovelorn, abstinence-advocating vampire.

You can buy Lemishine from Amazon, but you might be able to find it a little cheaper at your local grocery store. I found it for $4 locally, and that’s still kind of expensive because you only get 12 ounces. However, you don’t have to use as much as the label says to get good results. I use it about every other load (unless we run out and it’s hard times), and I only use it in the pretreating tray instead of the main soap tray.

You can request a free sample of Lemishine from the manufacturer here. Yay, free stuff!

*I mean, I know a dishwasher isn’t technically a necessity, but I would certainly be pouty if I didn’t have one. I’m not really that enlightened.

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