Halloween Music Mix 2011

Hi, Gang! What’s kickin’?*

Halloween just might be my favorite holiday (but please don’t tell Christmas). Candy, booze, and costumes: what’s not to love? I’ve taken a break from wrestling with literary theory to make a spooktacular music mix. The links direct you to a YouTube clip of the song unless otherwise noted. Enjoy!

1. It’s Out There And It’s Gonna Get You – The Paper Chase

If you find confronting the horror of the abject in musical form constitutive, you should probably listen to the entirety of this album. And I should probably read less Kristeva.

2. Found Love In A Graveyard – Veronica Falls

The buzz around these SXSW darlings seems to be justified. The video is indie-emo-tastic.

3. Bit By A Witch – The Lylas (Links To Google Docs)

Apparently, The Lylas also have a Christmas album, which I will have to check out soon.

4. Haulin’ Hearse – The Ghastly Ones

Halloween rockabilly.

5. The Living Dead – Phantom Planet

OK, why is Jason Schwartzman so good at the musics? Stop hogging the talent, Schwartzman.

6. The Monster Hop – Bert Convy

I love how this guy actually sounds scared. It’s like they turned his terribly horrifying encounter into a Halloween novelty song.  I bet he had nightmares for years. “Oh no, not the crazy witch doctor dancing with a ghoul!”

7. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah – Tracy Morgan

Community’s Donald Glover wrote this 30 Rock song. The more you know!

8. It’s Halloween (?) – Unknown (Links To Google Docs)

This catchy, indie Halloween tune is amazing, but I can’t figure out who sings this. My google-fu has failed me completely. If you know who sings this mystery song, let me know so that I can give the band credit.

9. Halloween – Siouxsie & the Banshees

British post-punk. Add this one to your dance playlist, folks.

10. Halloween Is Black As Night – Jackson C. Frank

Perhaps due to his tragic life, Frank’s songs seem haunted with sadness.

11. Goodnight Moon – Shivaree

This song was on the Kill Bill Vol. 2 soundtrack. Facts!

12. Psychic Voodoo Doll – Deadbolt

This does not sound like a healthy relationship.

13. How To See Ghosts Or Surely Bring Them To You – Vincent Price

Everyone’s favorite creeper explains to small children how they can contact the undead.

14. Beware – The Creepy Monsters (Links To Google Docs)

Team Edward fans should listen to this one before it’s too late.

15. Anything Can Happen On Halloween – Tim Curry

This song is from the pre-Harry Potter HBO Movie The Worst Witch. I think you should probably just watch the entire movie, but if slow-paced children’s movies set at boarding schools aren’t your thing, I’ll understand if you don’t.

16. Black Coffin – Fresh And Onlys (Listen At Soundcloud)

Bonus Track! This song reminds me a lot of the Magnetic Fields.

Have a Happy Halloween, Ghouls And Ghosts!

*[Long apology for never blogging redacted due to boringness]

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