Fashion Inspiration From Dark Places: Myra Gale Brown

There are many, many things I should be doing, but I’ve spent most of the morning watching YouTube clips of Courtney Stodden’s face. I feel kind of bad, because this young woman is clearly not right in the head, but I still can’t look away.

I don’t know what’s in that tube, but it better be non-alcoholic.

In a Good Morning America interview, the anchor compared the controversial and creepy Stodden-Hutchison relationship to the 1957 marriage between twice-divorced Jerry Lee Lewis and his 13-year-old cousin Myra Gale Brown. Yes, their relationship was strange, but have you seen Myra’s pictures? She be stylin’.

There might be a penalty flag on this relationship, but that top is a clear touchdown. Sports!

How awesome are those sunglasses?

She even has stylish friends! And that sailor dress? I love it so much.

Inappropriate relationship? For sure. Huge ick factor. Inappropriate style icon? No doubt. Courtney Stodden could learn a thing or two from Myra Brown. If you’re going to flaunt social mores, you might as well look good while doing so. Go for less pink, more chic. And for heaven’s sake, Courtney, keep your tongue in your mouth.

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9 Responses to Fashion Inspiration From Dark Places: Myra Gale Brown

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, I did not previously know who Courtney Stodden was but thank you for introducing us. She seems like a wholesome “young” “girl”. I added some quotation marks because I’m not entirely convinced she isn’t a 40 year old drag queen. I debated about putting wholesome in quotations as well but decided against it because I learned in the interview that (s)he is a Christian.

  2. Amanda,

    Now I kind of feel bad for subjecting you to such pop culture dreck. But I guess it could come in handy for bar trivia or something. As far as the whole Christian thing goes, I think Stodden and her parents just got Presbyterian confused with Presbyophilia.

  3. I love Courtney Stodden and this post made me LOL hard.

  4. luzygoosey says:

    OMG! Marty! This is why we are bffs (or at least I tell myself that we are). I can’t stop reading the british newspapers because they are equally obsessed with her. They made a reference to Myra Gale Brown and Jerry Lee Lewis too and now I’m obsessed with her too. It’s like a car accident waiting to happen, the car in front of you starts veering to the sides, swaying back and forth and you know it’s going to crash and you can’t do anything but watch and yell to put her tongue back in her mouth!

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