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Le Sad

My computer is still not fixed. I’m having serious withdrawal issues. Hence the sadness. Advertisements

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Total System Failure

Well, my four month old Lenovo laptop’s hard drive has crashed, so posts might be scarce until it is repaired. I lost some important notes from my Boston trip, but if I can keep from freaking out, everything should be … Continue reading

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Goodbye Boston & The Fingerprint Tree

I had a great (and productive!) time in Boston, and I’m getting in some excellent per-flight airport time. I love airports! Magazines! Coffee! People-watching! During my visit, I got to sleep under the adorable and creative fingerprint tree that my … Continue reading

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Robot Housekeeping Goes To Boston

Heyguyshey. I just landed in Boston. I’m here for a research trip, but I’m staying with some awesome friends. Hopefully, I will post some fun Boston things in addition to pictures of old books and libraries.

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Tina Fey Is Disappointed In You, Library Book Thief!

This is an official notice to whoever stole the library’s copy of Tina Fey’s Bossypants. You suck. And Tina Fey hates you, probably. See how mad she is? Return Bossypants today or you will never, never get to be on … Continue reading

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