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Robot Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule

As promised, here is the updated Robot Housekeeping Weekly Household Management Schedule. I’m posting it as a Word doc so that you can customize it. For example, if you do not have a cat, you probably don’t need to clean … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Dishes Really Clean With Lemishine (Try A Free Sample!)

I certainly consider my dishwasher a necessity, but dishwashers can be super frustrating when they don’t get your dishes really clean.* Recently, dishwasher detergent manufacturers removed phosphates from their products. This is good news for the environment, because phosphates indirectly … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Windex Crystal Meth Spray

Hide your children, hide your wives. In a desperate attempt to reinvent its streak-free and wholesome corporate image, Windex has recently started selling crack scented cleaning spray. This Windex product is probably neither highly toxic nor highly collectible, but the … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Robot: The Automated Cleaning Schedule

I love coming home to a clean house. Proceeding directly to the couch for some marathon Law and Order: SVU action makes me feel less guilty when there is no pile of unfolded laundry staring at me expectantly. My afternoon … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Make Cleaning More Fun

1. Music Because of my magical Roku box, I can stream Pandora directly to my TV. One of my favorite stations for cleaning is the Peaches station, because apparently slutty, raunchy music makes me want to clean. I think I’m … Continue reading

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