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Vintage Maternity Style: Lauren Bacall

Since becoming a Host* to a little sprocket, I’ve been scouting around for vintage maternity inspiration. Resources are scant. A lot of vintage maternity looks just aren’t that appealing. Think lots of boxy tunics. The June 22, 1953 edition of … Continue reading

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Vintage Fashion Inspiration From United States Of Tara

If you are familiar with the show United States of Tara, you might expect this post to be about Alice, Tara’s 1950s housewife-type alternate personality. But it’s not. Surprisingly, Alice is my least favorite alter, even though I do admire … Continue reading

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What I Wore Wednesday: Lady Sherlock Holmes

I feel like a jerkface taking pictures of my outfits in my living room, but whatever. Making a fool out of myself is still more fun than grading. Here’s what I wore today: This outfit tested pretty well among the … Continue reading

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Fashion Inspiration From Dark Places: Myra Gale Brown

There are many, many things I should be doing, but I’ve spent most of the morning watching YouTube clips of Courtney Stodden’s face. I feel kind of bad, because this young woman is clearly not right in the head, but … Continue reading

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