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Robot Housekeeping Shopping List

Well, hello there. After exactly one master’s thesis and one trip to Italy, I’m back to blogging. You’re welcome. I’ve made another housekeeping printable! The Robot Housekeeping Shopping List! Later this week, I’ll post my updated and improved cleaning schedule. … Continue reading

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The Pee Corner Poster: Stress Relief Through Shenagigans

Even though I’m an old married lady, my life is still structured by the school year. Early May and early December are stressful times for me as all of the projects I’ve been ignoring all semester suddenly require my undivided … Continue reading

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Sunflower Update With Garden Cat

Despite the best efforts of the black walnut tree, my sunflowers are doing quite well. Commodore agrees.

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How To Build Raised Garden Beds

Our garden beds are finally done, and now we just have to wait for the ground to warm up a little so that we can actually put plants in them. Making them was a seriously involved process. My efforts, let … Continue reading

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My Sunflower Seed Garden Bed

Here’s the little bed I made for my sunflowers. I made it out of the branch that tried to kill me the other day. I figure it owed me. I’m growing sunflowers for their seeds, but I’m a little nervous … Continue reading

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