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How To Make An Entire Dinner In A Rice Cooker: Salmon, Zucchini, And Rice

Not to dwell on the obvious, but it is hot. So to avoid turning on the oven or using the stove, I made an entire dinner in a rice cooker. It wasn’t the fanciest of dinners, but it was easy … Continue reading

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Because If I Don’t Warn You, Who Will?

Part 1, perhaps, of an ongoing series, where I review recipes that did not work and warn you away. Robot Housekeeping: Taking culinary bullets for the sake of your stomach. The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook’s recipe for succotash tastes like vinegar … Continue reading

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Summer’s Bounty Peach And Avocado Salsa

After a week of BBQ feasting, my body was craving some of summer’s other food options. Mainly, fruits and vegetables. Inspired by this recipe from My Life as a Mrs., I decided to make a fruity, summery peach salsa. I … Continue reading

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The Perfect Buns For Your 4th Of July BBQ

I enjoy baking, and there are some types of bread that I think I can usually do pretty well. But I’ve never been happy with my hamburger buns. Every bun recipe I’ve ever tried has come out dense and dry. … Continue reading

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The Fanciest Snack: Dry Sausage, Mozzerella, And Homemade Pesto

I love fancy snacks, and this is one of my fancy favorites. Homemade Basil Pesto Using A Food Processor Ingredients: Basil leaves, two handfuls. Parmesan cheese, 3 tablespoons approximately. 1/4 cup toasted nuts (walnuts work great if you don’t have … Continue reading

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